Operation Twist Insiders Group Non-Disclosure Agreement

Click the following link to access the non-disclosure agreement:

Operation Twist Insiders Group NDA

Note that by signing the agreement we are not requiring that you hide your involvement in this group, or refrain from sharing with others that The Sewing Rocket is developing a fiber spinner with certain novel elements, namely the capability to consistently produce a user-selected twist per inch in the spun yarn with only periodic adjustment, the capability to evenly fill the bobbin during operation without user involvement, the option to operate as a table-top device or as part of a freestanding assembly, and the goal of maintaining a low weight (< 20 lb). On the contrary, we encourage you to invite other spinners into this group to help share in the excitement and provide feedback! It is the details of how the engineering challenges are being tackled to accomplish these novel elements that must be kept confidential and within the group. We hope you can understand, and please reach out with any questions before signing.

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