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Jared and Amanda are two engineers turned entrepreneurs.

Stemming from a background of teaching engineering at a community college, Amanda first found her love of sewing at 27 while taking a continuing education class to learn how to make cloth diapers for Amanda and Jared's first child. She spent most of the class using her seam ripper and trying to understand why the bobbin string kept pulling her fabric under the base plate. After that class, Amanda was gifted a small sewing machine and her ideas have grown ever since.

Jared's background is in gear and gearbox design. He first found interest in fiber arts after learning how spinning wheels elegantly accomplish a very technical task. Jared loves taking a “first principles approach” where he reduces a product’s task down to its most fundamental requirements and builds up the design from there. This is the method Jared used to make the Zipper Star and he is now sketching out ideas for a new spinner using the same approach.

The Sewing Rocket isn't Jared and Amanda's first business venture. Their entrepreneurial journey started with Blue Barrel Scientific - an engineering education company focused on teaching kids from 5 to 18 what engineering is all about. The Sewing Rocket's paper making line is actually an offshoot of Blue Barrel's Paper Engineering program that Jared and Amanda teach at local schools. 




Jared and Amanda continue to operate Blue Barrel through the sale of educational kits on Amazon.


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